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Many people desire one of the original 200 Sport quattros because of its looks, grip, improved handling, noise and awe-inspiring 5 cylinder turbo power. The problem, however, is the purchase and running costs that go along with the Sport quattro.

To meet this demand, we spent over 6 months developing the prototype Dialynx sport quattro and have converted over 16 long wheelbase quattros to Sport quattro dimensions over the last 5 years.We can custom build the Sport quattro conversion of your dreams from your long wheelbase quattro. The end result, should you wish, will be indistinguishable from the original, and considerably quicker.

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Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Why did Audi shorten the long wheelbase quattro for Group B rallying?

Why not buy an original roadgoing sport quattro?

How does the Dialynx conversion differ from the Audi original?

Handling and performance benefits.

Body styling, interior and wheel options.

Can I have the sport quattro look without having my quattro shortened?

Are any mechanical modifications made during the conversion?

How much experience does Dialynx have of this conversion?




Why did Audi shorten the long wheelbase quattro for Group B rallying?

Audi had won the manufacturers title two years running in the early 1980's with the long wheelbase rally quattro, a car very close in design to the production quattro. As rallying in the mid 1980's became more competitive, manufacturers such as Lancia and Peugeot responded by developing purpose built mid-engined rally cars to win in Group B rallying, the regulations of which stated that only 200 'roadgoing' versions had to be built.

The long wheelbase quattro struggled to stay competitive, since the car was too heavy, had too much weight ahead of the front wheels and was unable to change direction quickly in tight turns. To counter this Audi shortened the quattro by 320 mm and after much testing and the Sport quattro was born. With this car Audi was briefly successful again before Group B rallying was banned due to spectator and driver fatalities.

Why not buy an original roadgoing sport quattro?

The original Sport quattro is a fine car, but most are somewhat aged now and still quite expensive (approx 30,000 for one in good condition). Once you have bought it you then have the cost of parts to keep it 'original', insurance costs, and the turbo lag that comes from an older generation turbo engine.

How does the Dialynx conversion differ from the Audi original?

The standard Dialynx conversion differs from the original only in the angle of the windscreen. Audi changed the angle of the windscreen for the sport quattro because their rally drivers complained of reflections on the long wheelbase original. We have done several 'steep screen' conversions identical to the original but this adds a significant amount to the cost, and is mainly directed towards competition use, since it involves cutting out the roof and replacing it with a composite roof, making it necessary to install a roll cage to ensure strength.

Handling and performance benefits

Shortening the car has a dramatic effect on the handling, reducing the understeer inherent in the quattro design and making the car adjustable on the throttle so that it changes direction more quickly.

There is an accompanying benefit in reducing the weight of the car by approximately 100kg.

The wider wheelarches allow the use of wider/larger wheels and tyres, giving a larger contact patch and therefore increased grip. You can then take advantage of the increased space available for larger brake callipers and discs, thus overcoming the limitations of the standard 10valve/20valve callipers and discs, which are easily overwhelmed by track day or competition use.

The disadvantages? Well, the rear seats disappear in the process (we have designed our own carpeting to cover this area), so it's not a family car any more!

Body styling, interior and wheel options

We have in-house facilities to spray the conversion to any colour you can find! Please see our photo gallery and press reviews for colours that our customers have chosen in the past.

Because each Dialynx Sport quattro is custom-built to your specification, the interior and dash can be designed to your preferences. You can keep your original analogue or digital dash, or install a competition rev counter, gauges and data logging equipment.

The Sport quattro conversion will accommodate up to 10.5 x 18 wheels front and rear. The most common sizes are 9 x 16 or 9 x 17. This will cost about 150 + tyres for each wheel.

Can I have the sport quattro look without having my quattro shortened?

It is possible to keep the original wheelbase of your long wheelbase quattro, while still having the Dialynx body panels and wider wheelbase. However, this is not a bolt on modification, and still requires most of the same work to be performed during the conversion.

Are any mechanical modifications made during the conversion?

It is not necessary to make any mechanical modifications except installing a shortened propshaft. However, if you do wish to uprate your engine with one of our tuning packages, the sport quattro conversion gives you the added benefits of greater chassis adjustability and turn-in where the standard chassis would exaggerate its tendency to understeer with the increased power. In addition, the larger front grille area of the sport quattro allows the installation of a larger intercoolers manufactured to our specification to dissipate the considerable heat that all turbo engines create.

How much experience does Dialynx have of this conversion?

We have converted 16 quattros currently, both 10 valve and 20 valve for road and competition or track day use. The conversion takes approximately one month, depending on specification.


The finished Dialynx Sport quattro is stronger than the original long wheelbase quattro from which it was built, for the following reasons:

1. All other things being equal, a shorter structure has a higher tensile strength and is stiffer than a longer one.

2. The roof strength is not compromised because the A,B,C pillars are left intact.

3. We have many years experience of welding the two halves together and have performed testing to ensure that the weld will not fail during a crash.

4. Should you wish to use the car for track day or competition use, we can install a roll cage, harnesses and plumbed-in fire extinguisher at a lower cost during the conversion process than could otherwise be done.


The basic conversion cost is 6,750 UK including VAT (5,750 inc VAT for if retaining long wheelbase with Sport body panels). This excludes professional painting, which costs 1,500 - 2,500, the larger figure being for metallic colours.

Please call or email for specific details.


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