How the Dialynx Sport quattro conversion is performed


The conversion starts by disassembling the car, leaving only the engine/gearbox unit in place. Once this has taken place, shortening the bodyshell can begin. 320mm is removed between the B and C pillars, to which our 'in-house' produced shorter and wider panels are jigged then bonded into place.



If being used for racing, a roll cage can be inserted, fire extinguishers plumbed in if required, and the water radiator plumbed in to the boot.



After this first stage is complete we can move into the second - the front end modifications. This comprises of two new front wings, bonnet, bumper/spoiler, grille and headlights. All new body panels are produced by using carbon fibre/Kevlar hybrid material and glass reinforced plastic.

Finally the car can now be refinished. The interior of the car also comes in for some work which includes a shorter roof lining, carpet and rear seat.


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