The M800 offers the next generation in Engine Management Systems (ECU). This system has been developed through rigorous research and practical field-testing. The M800 retains all the best features of our previous ECU's, while offering a combination of unsurpassed power and flexibility.

The M800 talks to most existing sensors within your vehicle, saving costly additions of new sensors.

Digital Triggering System

Diagnostic Monitoring

The diagnostics monitoring system monitors all aspects of the Engine Management System operation, including:


The M800 software has been designed with an emphasis on usability, which enables you to quickly optimise the set-up of your vehicle. It is both user friendly for the beginner and a powerful tool for experts. All software is menu driven and has extensive help screens.

The key software is:

EMP Tuning Software

Interpret - Analysis


The M800 has various options which are field upgradeable using a password and enabling system. Upgrade options include:

Inputs and Outputs

6 Temperature Inputs

8 Voltage Inputs

2 Lambda Sensor Inputs

4 Digital Inputs


8 Fuel Injector Drivers

Up to 6 outputs for multi coil applications

8 Auxiliary Outputs

Sensor Power Supply


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